Mobile Internet Outpaces Desktop Internet

As I mentioned, I expect the green line to extend above 100 million in 3 to 4 quarters from where it currently ends.

  • At 10 times the size, the mobile internet is quite an opportunity.

    Now that we have the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, what do you think will be the next product/size that Apple will expand into?

    The versatility of iOS is quite an asset.

    • Rumors are that iOS is coming to a TV near you. It makes sense from a technology point of view, but that value network is difficult to change.

      In theory, iOS should evolve to be a solid replacement for most desktop OS's as well.

      • Is there value to Apple in having iOS become a replacement for a desktop OS since they already have OSX?

        Since I can already download iTunes content to my computer, then connect a HDMI cable from the computer to the TV, (which we use sometime for Flip videos, etc.) what will iTV give me besides a more convenient method accomplishing this? Or is it meant for the home without a computer?

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