77 % des téléphones vendus par Orange à Noël ont été des iPhone–77-des-telephones-vendus-par-orange-a-noel-ont-ete-des-iphone-.htm

A loose translation:

France Telecom CEO Didier Lombard:

Remember that at Christmas, 77% of telephones with a fixed-rate tariff that Orange sold were iPhones! It’s amazing. I cannot say why so many other mobile telephone manufacturers have fallen so far behind and have been unable to catch-up.

I am still trying to get my head around this data point. Is it an anomaly? Is France unique or is this a Christmas-only phenomenon? Other data points also showed that iPhone is phenomenally popular in France, but this is unheard of. Would broad availability in the US also lead to >50% market share of all phones sold? Could the possibility of runaway, iPod-like, Apple monopoly of the sector be contemplated? Anecdotally, I also observed a large number of iPhones while in Terminal 3 at Heathrow.

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  • Markus

    On the other hand, iPhone only accounted for roughly 5% of the total device volume in France in Q4 (exclusivity ended in April). So, even though it's driving fixed rate plan sales, the volume contribution was not as huge as you could think. Having said that, iPhone still is the biggest smartphone in France, not by a large margin but still.

  • Tom Ross

    Do you have source, Markus? Le Figaro wrote earlier that, for calendar 2009 in France, the iPhone achieved 50 %+ of the smartphone market and 9 % of the total phone market. In total figures, Le Figaro estimated 1.8 million iPhones sold in France in 2009.

    "iPhone still is the biggest smartphone in France, not by a large margin but still"

    Do you have access to research that is not publicly available?

    • The information Markus probably cites is public but not free (as in beer.) There are research reports which are available to those with means. I can say that Canalys publishes these detailed country-level platform estimates.

      • Tom Ross

        And can you confirm that Apple is losing market share in France?

  • Tom Ross

    "Apple aurait écoulé entre 1,8 et 2 millions de son téléphone mobile dans l'Hexagone en 2009, soit plus d'un sur deux dans cette catégorie vendue en France."

    "Plusieurs professionnels assurent que les ventes de l'iPhone vont atteindre entre 1,8 et 2 millions d'unités en 2009. Autrement dit, Apple aurait réalisé environ 8,5 % des 23,5 millions de mobiles vendus en France en 2009, ce qui le situerait au quatrième rang derrière Samsung, Nokia et LG."

    "De plus, la firme californienne aurait pris 20 % du marché en valeur."