HP continues to say that it is serious about smartphones

The consequences of licensing a mobile OS:

Sales of H.P.’s hand-held products, including its iPaq smartphone, dropped to $25 million in the quarter, down from $57 million in the same period last year. Apple, by contrast, had sales of $5.6 billion for iPhones and related products during its most recent quarter.

To put it in more perspective, $25 million at an ASP of $350 a phone means HP sold about 70k phones last quarter, or what Apple sold every 17 hours.

link: Hewlett-Packard, a Technology Powerhouse, Stumbles in Smartphones – NYTimes.com

From Apple Computer Inc to Apple (Mobile) Inc

Tim Cook confirmed at a Goldman Sachs press conference yesterday that Apple is calling themselves a “mobile device company” officially. The “traditional model” of having companies sell different things — hardware, software, peripherals — just doesn’t work on today’s world, according to Cook. So Apple is no longer a computer company, or an OS maker, or a media giant. Its main focus is mobile devices.

link: Tim Cook: Yes, we’re a “mobile device company”

33 Million iPod Touch Sold

Tim Cook made the claim yesterday that about 75 million iPhone OS devices have been sold. The total iPhones we know are about 42 million. That leaves at least 33 million iPod touch units or 44%.

iPod touch grew 55% y/y in CQ4.

My estimate had been 40% iPod share of the platform, so this is very encouraging. It seems that the proportion of iPod is growing and with the iPad, it’s possible that we’ll see less than 50% of the ecosystem being iPhones.