L’iPhone, le smartphone préféré des Français (part deux)

And the most successful market for the iPhone based on the Gartner numbers, is, um, France, where the company has gained over 10% of the market, at the expense of Nokia and Sony. “France is now the most successful market in the world on a relative basis,” says McCourt.

link: France Now iPhone’s Most Successful Market? – Tech Trader Daily – Barrons.com

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77 % des téléphones vendus par Orange à Noël ont été des iPhone
L’iPhone, le smartphone préféré des Français

Analyst: App Market to Reach $15.xx Billion by 2013

An upswing in the market share of “smart” devices, along with an increase in application focus from OEMs, OS developers and mobile network operators will drive yearly app revenues from US$1.94 billion (2009) to US$15.65 billion in only four years, according to our most recent research findings. The application market’s growth is driven by the widespread push of advanced handset capabilities by the mobile industry and the increasingly-connected global consumer base. This trend will continue, seeing global smartphone users numbering 970 million by the end of 2013.


Nice numbers. Too bad they blew their credibility by showing too many significant digits in their estimate. How can they state with a straight face that the market could reach $15.65 billion without some hint of a potential margin of error?

Microsoft: Mobile Platforms Don't Matter

AppleInsider | Microsoft Pink-Zune details emerge alongside Windows Phone 7

Dilger in fine form today ripping Microsoft a new one.

The collapse of its Windows Mobile Marketplace has now caused Microsoft to radically reword its mobile app strategy going forward in such a way as to vilify the entire concept of apps. At the launch of Windows Phone 7, the company presented a video that portrayed the iPhone’s ability to run mobile apps as a confusing world with too many doors to choose from, each leading to rooms with starkly white walls, an experience that frustrated and puzzled a professionally dressed woman.

It really isn’t sporting anymore to pick on Microsoft in mobile. Ridicule turns to pity.

Microsoft Leaks Details of WP7 Platform

Charlie Kindel on Windows Phone Development : Different Means Better with the new Windows Phone Developer Experience

  • There’s zero backwards compatibility with Windows Phone 6.5 applications.
  • It’s still based on Windows CE underneath (version 6 in this case)
  • Developers are going to need to re-code their apps.
  • So what will they code it in? So far, we’ve been told Silverlight and XNA.
  • Kindel’s post also mentions Web 2.0 Standards and Microsoft developer tools, along with .Net.
  • Nothing about C++ or native code versus managed code, but expect managed code to be de rigeur.

Check out some of the comments in the link above.

iPad vs. Kindle: Purchase Intent Survey

A survey of nearly 3,200 consumers by ChangeWave Research finds that 40% of people planning to buy an e-reader in the next 90 days expect to get Apple’s iPad. The current leader, Amazon.com’s (AMZN) Kindle, came in second at 28%.

link: E-Reader Buyers Coveting iPad Over The Kindle – Investors.com

This should be put together with data showing at least 15% of iPhone users showing purchase intent for iPad.

If we assume 45 million iPhone users by time of launch (42 million units have been sold as of end of December) and 15% would buy iPads it would therefore not be unreasonable to assume about 7 million iPads will go to iPhone users alone.

It’s unfortunate that we cannot calibrate against installed base of Kindle users since Amazon has never released any sales figures.