iPad vs. Kindle: Purchase Intent Survey

A survey of nearly 3,200 consumers by ChangeWave Research finds that 40% of people planning to buy an e-reader in the next 90 days expect to get Apple’s iPad. The current leader, Amazon.com’s (AMZN) Kindle, came in second at 28%.

link: E-Reader Buyers Coveting iPad Over The Kindle – Investors.com

This should be put together with data showing at least 15% of iPhone users showing purchase intent for iPad.

If we assume 45 million iPhone users by time of launch (42 million units have been sold as of end of December) and 15% would buy iPads it would therefore not be unreasonable to assume about 7 million iPads will go to iPhone users alone.

It’s unfortunate that we cannot calibrate against installed base of Kindle users since Amazon has never released any sales figures.