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Day April 2, 2010

Palm’s entire market cap is comparable to the amount of Apple’s free advertising in the last 48 hours

The product is getting in depth coverage from CNBC, Fox News, The NY Times, The LA Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The Dave Letterman Show, The Jimmy Fallon Show, and practically every local news station and newspaper around the world.  Not to mention prime time product placement in ABC’s Modern Family as well as a cameo in the most memorable Jay-Z moment at the 2010 Oscar’s.

And Apple has only spent to run one ad (which itself went viral on YouTube).

(credit: Jason Schwarz newsletter (subscription only))

iPhone passes 500K sales in South Korea

Apple’s official carrier in South Korea, KT, revealed yesterday that iPhone has now surpassed the half-million (500,000) sales mark. This makes South Korea, a nation with 47 million total mobile subscribers, number 8 globally in first year iPhone sales.

via iPhonAsia.com » Blog Archive » iPhone passes 500K sales in South Korea.

There have been several chauvinistic campaigns in Korea that attempted to undermine iPhone’s success. Yet, ironically, these well-funded initiatives may have backfired