iPad will be big in healthcare

Over the next 18 months more than 1,800 [iPads] will be distributed to the hospital’s physicians allowing them to move away from paper-based notes, prescriptions and medical documents.

via Ottawa Hospital boss urges staff to ‘be bold … go big’.

Perhaps this goes without saying, but iPad will be big in healthcare.

  • Jonathon

    Still waiting to see a relevant app for healthcare. I'm a doctor and would love to see my iPad in use. I've seen the ClearPractice Nimble, but that app just doesnt cut it.

    • Phil

      Jonathan, I'm curious to hear your perspective on what would be relevant and cut it. We're working on some things that could stand a verdict from an early adopter with some discernment. If you'd be in touch, respond here and I'll get you contact information.