In-car iPad mounting


  • Dave M, Surrey,BC,CA

    Radios were one thing – you had 5-20 preset stations you could scan through WITHOUT looking at the unit itself. CDs/DVDs have problems because there is a stark change in eye-focus required between looking at the road, and adjusting to look at the unit. This is far too unsafe – as are GPS units. Until these eye-focus distraction devices come with artificial intelligence that can plug into the brains of people who operate them and watch traffic for them while they are driving, any device like this is going to cause serious accidents on the road.. and over time.. in their worst case scenarios THEY WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. Yes, it's an opinion.. but really guys.. what's it going to take to get automobile device designers to come up with the ethical BALLS to say "No.. we're not going to sacrifice people's safety just to make a buck!" ?