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Day June 7, 2010

WWDC: 150 million iTunes accounts

The data shows how growth is accelerating with the daily add rates for the periods above increasing from 46k/day to 191k/day.

Credit to Turley Muller via MacObserver.com Finance Board.

asymco | One Hundred Million

My prediction is that sometime next year Apple will announce the 100 millionth iPhone OS device sold, making the iPhone the fastest selling platform in history. The iPhone will have been on the market for three years.

via asymco | One Hundred Million.

Steve Jobs today: “This month we will sell the 100 millionth iOS device.”

JP Morgan: iAd to give 48% mobile display ad share to Apple

JP Morgan is cited as sizing the US mobile display ad market at $250 million.  This gives Apple 48% market share of the mobile ad market for second half of 2010.

WWDC: Download rate increased to 16.4 million apps per day

The download rate has just shot up.  It’s gone way above the song daily download rate.

WWDC: App Store reaches 5 billion sold at an average selling price of 29c per app

Total sales: $1.43 billion
Amount to developers: $1 billion
Apps sold: 5 billion
ASP: $0.29

My expectation was 4.9 billion by June 1. Apple is about on target.

WWDC Context: A quarter million apps approved

Six months ago IDC predicted 300k apps before end of 2010.

Here is a quick mid-year check: As of today there are around 215k available, with 250k likely approved by the end of WWDC.

These are the stats from three app store tracking spiders:

Apple’s WWDC banners proclaim 200k apps which was the last public count stated at the April iPhone OS 4.0 launch event.

Looks like IDC’s forecast will not be a stretch especially as the new iPhone will create a new wave of apps.

Also noteworthy is the nearly 10k iPad apps available in less than 3 months.  The original iPhone reached 10k apps in about six months.