iPhone 4 ASP is $600

As a footnote to the unlocked iPhone 4 story, it’s worth noting that the average Apple store pricing for UK and France is around $824 (assuming equal blending between the two countries and between the two models).  Excluding corresponding VAT leads to an approximate ASP of $695.

Operators probably get a slightly better price so my estimate for the iPhone 4 ASP of $600 seems reasonable with potential upside based on product and regional mix.

  • Tom Ross

    Will be interesting to see if the low-end model at $500 will get more traction this year than last.

  • The lower priced older product seems to be a signal to buyers rather than an actual purchase option. Rather like the classic cognitive illusion of "Rome with Coffee"


    "Imagine I give you a choice. Do you want to go for a weekend to Rome? All expenses paid, hotel, transportation, food, breakfast, a continental breakfast, everything. Or a weekend in Paris? Now, a weekend in Paris, a weekend in Rome, these are different things. They have different food, different culture, different art. Now imagine I added a choice to the set that nobody wanted. Imagine I said, "A weekend in Rome, a weekend in Paris, or having your car stolen?" It's a funny idea. Because why would having your car stolen, in this set, influence anything? But what if the option to have your car stolen was not exactly like this. What if it was a trip to Rome, all expenses paid, transportation, breakfast. But doesn't include coffee in the morning. If you want coffee you have to pay for it yourself. It's two euros. Now in some ways, given that you can have Rome with coffee, why would you possibly want Rome without coffee? It's like having your car stolen. It's an inferior option. But guess what happened. The moment you add Rome without coffee, Rome with coffee becomes more popular. And people choose it. The fact that you have Rome without coffee makes Rome with coffee look superior. And not just to Rome without coffee, even superior to Paris."

    The older (3GS) model is "Rome without coffee" and competing products are "Paris with coffee". By offering "Rome without coffee" Apple guarantee higher orders for "Rome with Coffee"…

    If you watch the video linked above more examples are given for this cognitive illusion.