iPad supply catching up with demand

Shipping delays have shrunk from 5-to-7 business days to 3-to-5 days which is great because now Apple will run more ads.

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But seriously, how long has it been? Five months with no iPads on hand? Now if only they had enough iPhone 4’s.

Here is the situation in Korea:

SEOUL (AFP)–South Korea’s KT Corp. (KT) said tens of thousands of people jammed its website Wednesday, as it began to take pre-orders for Apple Inc.’s (AAPL) iPhone 4.

KT Corp., the country’s sole distributor for the gadget, said in just four hours more than 70,000 people put their names down for the popular smartphone after its online shop opened.

“Our online shop server was jammed instantly as too many clients placed orders simultaneously,” KT spokesman Jin Byung-kwon said.

“So far, the number of orders for the iPhone 4 exceeds well beyond that of the iPhone 3GS,” he said.

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  • zx

    Maybe in the US. Here in DENMARK we still didn't get the iPad!

  • Lee Penick

    A friend of mine has a PhD and works as a software engineer programming control software for nuclear reactors. He bought an iPad maybe 6 weeks ago. He loves it. Games, movies, music, GPS maps, web searches at lunch, etc. Battery life is so long he doesn't even take the charger on his weekend trips. Uses the iPad to navigate while on the road.

    He use to be a Lynx guy, but Apple has won him over. I suspect that for most anyone who appreciates good design work, they end up falling for Apple once they try it.

  • dontmatter


    yep, very astute observation. I see this happening to all my successful friends, contacts and colleagues. In fact I'm a switcher too. And you know what? We're very happy!