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When I asked members of The Wall Street Journal’s CEO Council, a group of chief executives who meet each year to deliberate on issues of public interest, to name the most influential business book they had read, many cited Clayton Christensen’s “The Innovator’s Dilemma.” That book documents how market-leading companies have missed game-changing transformations in industry after industry—computers (mainframes to PCs), telephony (landline to mobile), photography (film to digital), stock markets (floor to online)—not because of “bad” management, but because they followed the dictates of “good” management. They listened closely to their customers. They carefully studied market trends. They allocated capital to the innovations that promised the largest returns. And in the process, they missed disruptive innovations that opened up new customers and markets for lower-margin, blockbuster products.

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Here is the book:

  • bfl

    The numbers are surely against market-leading companies when it comes to disruptive innovations. The sheer number of companies, cultures, and ideas that they are competing against must be much greater than can they could ever hope to have internally or even grok strategically. Would love to see hard data on that.

    One possible factor that could overcome the numbers mismatch, is the super genius, of which only a few exist at any given time. Think Leibniz and Newton level genius, not gates or zuck.

    • Christensen has spent over a decade describing the Innovator's Solution. There is a solution for a large company to implement internal disruptive innovation. The problem is that the solution goes against almost every organizational tenet and rule book there is. It might take a few generations of managers for the practice to sink in. You can probably count the number of companies that practice this now on one hand.

      • Tom

        Where might one read up on that Solution?

      • fl1nty

        The book Horace mentioned in the comment – the innovators solution

  • aysmco

    On Amazon:

    They have a kindle edition (works on iPad great).

  • Tom

    Appreciated! Works great! Very accessible!