ADD this: Apple's Balance Sheet

Only on Asymco…

Let your fingers do the walking through Apple’s income statements since FQ1 2005. Glide effortlessly through juicy bits of assets and liabilities. Slide your finger through nineteen quarters of financial goodness.

A special bonus: included is a separate visualization of Apple’s liquid assets: cash, cash equivalents, Short-term marketable securities and Long-term marketable securities. $$$$$!

Brilliant to use and look at on both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch:

Get it here.

AAPL Balance Sheet v2 using your iOS device.

You will need to have Roambi™ installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch to open this file. (It’s free!) Tap Here To Install.

Read more about ADDs in Asymco’s ADD Page.

  • Adam

    This is really cool – thanks for doing this! I'm having trouble downloading your earlier dataset: Android’s Pursuit of the Biggest Losers

    It says "…no longer available or may not have permission…"

    • asymco
      • Tom Ross

        I think you mixed up the ASP values of HTC and Apple. At least on my screen it shows $3xx for Apple and $6xx for HTC.

      • asymco

        Thanks for spotting the error. It's now fixed. The challenge is however to notify everyone who downloaded it already of the change. I fear only a "premium" service will allow this real-time push of updates since Roambi "Lite" does not allow push.

      • Jon T

        Just make a new blog post with the new link.

        Anyone following you will be using RSS/Atom etc won't they?

  • Jon T

    Love reading your blog. And this development of using Roambi is brilliant. I can see this becoming very popular.
    Many thanks for sharing your work. Hats off to you…