Seven confirmed Windows Phone 7 phones

Seven confirmed Windows Phone devices getting readied for launch. Four more being rumored:

Devices – Windows Phone 7 Central.

To be built by HTC, Samsung and LG with Dell and Asus rumored.

Vendor love for Android runs as deep as Operator love of Android.

  • There is always a market for "cheap".

    It's the profit and quality that is lacking.

  • Sevket Zaimoglu

    I don't understand the last sentence. What's Android gotta do with Windows 7 phones?

    For some time, I have been expecting someone, possibly at xda-developers forum, to publish a ROM that converts HTC HD2 from WinMo6.5 to Android. Now that Windows 7 is round the corner, such interoperability seems inescapable. Then, the phone world will be just like the PC world. Today you can easily install Linux or another Unix flavor Os to a Windows 7 PC. But then, you can also buy a 24 inch iMac and install Windows 7 onto it. In fact, at a PC World store in London, you can see and fiddle with a Windows 7 running iMac, while a salesperson assures you "If you buy an iMac and don't look Apple's OS, you can always install Windows 7 on it."

    Which makes me wonder… When will we see iphones running Android or Windows 7?

    • Tom

      Would it be technically possible for an android clone phone to run iOS? Nope. Could the iPhone run android OS? There's an app for that, too, I'm sure. But it would be pretty lonely.

      • Sevket Zaimoglu

        If iMacs are capable of running Windows 7, then why can't iphones run android or Windows 7 phone? I see no reason why not.

    • Sevket Zaimoglu

      Oops! It's already been done!

  • Kafka's Vault


    First question: it is suggesting that all the other manufacturers will happily put their name to whatever OS is thrown down their path. So so much for Android being the one true path. If WP& actually makes money for them they will happily turn resources that way.

    You may notice the ability to run Windows is actually mentioned by Apple themselves ( Funny that.

    Also, PC World conveniently would make more sales margins by selling you both the Mac and Windows rather than a cheap Windows box, so forgive me if I don't consider the opinion of a salesman to be particularly arbitrary.

    It is possible because of the Intel chipset, so while the iOS devices have Apples own chip the quick answer to your last question is never. The long answer is the word 'never' repeated again and again.

    • Sevket Zaimoglu

      Indeed, it is very interesting that Apple touts the "ability" of Mac OS X to install Windows OS as a "feature".

      If iphone 4's chip is unique to Apple, it may indeed be not possible to install anything else on it, but you may not be correct on this point, as there are reports that it is used in other devices, for example, in Samsung Wave: