ADD this: Apple's P/E punishment

Apple’s continuing valuation struggle continues to fascinate. While underperforming on a multiple basis both the S&P 500 and its own historic value, Apple is nearing bargain bin pricing.

To illustrate this further, get the new Asymco Data Download for the iPhone.

You can now use an iPhone to visualize how the owners of the company that created it are being punished.

Apple devices take 41% of mobile traffic in Finland

In first half of 2010, iPhone and iPod touch traffic increased from 33.9% to 41% in Finland. Apple’s devices account for a very small percent of the total phones in use in Nokia’s home country.[1] The analysis was performed by QAim on a sample of 64 million “mobile downloads”.

Google Translate.

Original article in Finnish.

“A wave of iPhone and iPod owners behave differently than others.”

Weird bunch, those iPhone owners…

[1] Installed base of iPhone is small but share of smartphones in recent quarters is above 20%.  See: YLE: Nokia’s smartphone share crumbles in Finland