Sony wavering on recognizing iPad market

Sony in May:

Sony is “not convinced there is a large enough market to justify bringing out a tablet,”

Sony would say No to Walkman today
Sony in September:

Sony Corp., said yesterday it hasn’t decided yet whether to offer its own tablet computer. It needs to be a “very appealing product that is going to be widely accepted, as opposed to a me-too product,” said Kazuo Hirai, president of Tokyo-based Sony’s Networked Products & Services Group.

Hirai said 23 companies are planning to bring tablet computers to market, making a price war inevitable.

via Samsung, Toshiba `Me-Too’ Tablets Use Price to Fight IPad – Bloomberg

I’d bet that Sony will soon join the stampede to make iPad knockoffs. They probably did not read today’s Appleinsider piece on Apple’s plans to increase iPad production to 3 million units per month.

  • RattyUK

    That's a bit of a low shot Horace. 😀

    Ironically this comes on the day that Sony announced that they had outsold the iPod touch in Japan last month for the first time in quite a while…

    Of course this is probably based on dwindling figures before the Sept 1st refresh which everyone knew was coming but you know marketing people. Report everything as news…

  • AlfieJr

    actually mr. Sony is making sense. the iPad knock-off glut is going to be a bloodbath with no winner. and he has a much bigger problem: the PSP line has just died, thanks to the iThings and the utterly misconceived Go. Sony doesn,t just need new hardware to sell, it needs a whole new ecosystem for all its hardware. but it,s probably too late already.

    • Sony's got a whole lot of competitive problems, no doubt. But the point here is that they actually said back in May that they did not see market opportunity for iPad. They said the same about digital music players.

      The inability to spot an opportunity is the gravest of their management failings.

  • Kevin

    Hirai is basically saying that Sony's innovation, vision, and software execution sucks. They don't know how to make a tablet that people want to buy that won't just be a copy of the iPad. They don't have a touch OS so they'd have to use Android or Chrome, and they'd still be a me-too product. Given all those internal failings, and the pace at which Apple is moving, there is no profitable opportunity.

  • Kevin says: "They don’t have a touch OS"

    But they do have the basis for one in whatever OS the Sony Bloggie is using. But their real problem is an "ecosystem" and credibility in this area.

    They do have problems with names too. Bloggie, yikes.

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  • Alex Khan

    Sony, once the mightiest of all consumer electronics companies, has fallen in a stunning manner from its once unassailable position. Sony got squeezed from the top by Apple and Microsoft and from the bottom by the likes of Samsung, LG and Nintendo on the bottom. Sony can't compete from either front. Sony looks like a lumbering giant whale getting torn to pieces by nimble sharks circling all around it. Sony has to reinvent itself to survive or remain relevant, but it just doesn't seem they have any ideas on how to compete against the likes of Apple and Samsung.

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