When's the Zune team going to do an iPod funeral?

Survey data on US College students’ music player share.

Can’t wait for the Youtube video of the Zune team getting down with an iPod funeral. After all, the Zune has higher market share than the recently celebrated Windows Phone 7.

The Apple-branded campus – Apple 2.0 – Fortune Tech

  • RattyUK

    Oh, I can see it now… Microsoft are under the impression that the Zune will be a hit. They are building the infrastructure that will suddenly "click" once all the pieces are in place. They are doing the opposite of Apple which is to release products that build on each other. Microsoft build the products in the hope that, someday, they will come.

    I can't believe that people actually pay money to play on XBOX LIVE. And this is the company that accused Apple of an Apple Tax. Ironic.

    • tim

      I'm not sure what your point is. Unlike the Zune – Microsoft has achieved success in the gaming market and found more than a few (million) willing to use XBOX Live.

      • RattyUK

        Microsoft has BOUGHT success in the gaming market at a significant cost to the company and no real competition. The whole project is running at an enormous loss if you count all the write-offs they have dumped into the hole.

        I find it ironic that a company that accused Apple of having an "Apple Tax" can charge their users a monthly tithe to keep playing games online. It helps offset some of the expense it cost to buy market share but as a whole Microsoft are still in a hole.

        So it's a paper success. Using money earned on selling CDs and DVDs with data on to buy it's way into a market. It must really frustrate them that Apple gets customers coming back for a large range of products year after year.

  • JP
  • GoodyBird

    Is it US market share?

    • US College students. See the link in the article for survey details.

  • GoodyBird

    Sorry, Over Skimming,

  • rd

    Microsoft cannot apply economy of scale that
    is what Apple has done with ipod and now iPhone.
    Apple created a unique deal by cornering
    the small hard drive (Toshiba), then flash (Samsung), and display (LG)
    technology. by paying the manufacturer up front
    they lock the supply for sometime before other
    manufacturers are able to copy let alone undercut
    which is what Microsoft is hoping for.