Windows Phone Thoughts: AT&T set to release multiple Windows Phones

That makes a total of six devices for [AT&T] who is looking more and more like the premier Windows Phone 7 partner.

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With Verizon shaping Android into its image, you can read AT&T’s embrace of Microsoft as the deeply-held belief by operators that they need multi-platform balance in their portfolio.

The idea that operators will tolerate “dominance” of a platform is looking less and less tenable.

IBM CEO: the PC era ended three years ago

But one area where IBM won’t compete with HP is personal computers. In 2005, IBM sold its PC business to China’s Lenovo Group for $1.75 billion. The PC era, Mr. Palmisano said Tuesday, ended three or four years ago.

“We wanted to get out before it was obvious to everyone,” said Mr. Palmisano. “I couldn’t give it away today,” said Mr. Palmisano of the PC business. HP is the world’s biggest PC maker.

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Is this obvious to everyone yet?