The joint mobile operating system: A risible idea | Mobile Industry Review

And then it all went wrong. Mobile utility providers became mobile operators. They decided they knew what their customers wanted. They turned into the electricity company trying to sell us toasters.

via The joint mobile operating system: A risible idea | Mobile Industry Review.

Great reading.

  • berult

    Logic hardly ever fails within familiar constraints and boundaries. Out of bound, out of play. A new paradigm imposes a new set of coordinates on logic and puts a gridlock on the old playing field. It's uncharted territory for all, a cradle of ingenuity for the privy few.

    Just about all stakeholders, mobile and desktop, are aiming wide at the sore spot on an all too immediate future; all bets are off on what is the right strategy going forward. They're behind Apple's eight ball,  always ahead of themselves.  

    We're seeing a consolidation of vested interests in mid term survivability, a corporate aggregation of "ghost quarter" shots in the dark.  A paradigm shift does that to you if you're stuck on the wrong side of History.  

    Mobile operators are not after what the customers want. It has never been their cup of tea. Customers are co-existence spawned by co-incidence. Mobile operators would naturally be inclined to go after what customers resent. There is a fundamental cause to them morphing from trend setters to brand peddlers.  

    I guess they have developed a profit motive out of an Apple counterculture, without of course being too closely tied up to the Google nay train. On a fast under current of epochal change, you can still make ends meet with a good old down-to-earth landfill.

  • Rick

    Good article and especially timely. Operator networks are hard pressed to deliver a decent internet experience now. Just wait until streaming video begins to hit them. They won't be able to deliver decent bread for the toaster. Customer expectations are about to be dashed on the rocks of the operators hard heads.

  • Wilq

    "[Electric companies] just sell electricity. They don’t even bother marketing their services." And, "Their job is to [maintain and develop their utility service]".

    Does iphone exclusivity significantly differentiate AT&T? How should the other carriers respond?