Android vs. Windows Phone: Extending the urination metaphor

CE-Oh no he didn’t!: Anssi Vanjoki says using Android is like peeing in your pants for warmth — Engadget.

A quick follow-up on Anssi Vanjoki’s observation on Android. When he suggested that Android would be just a short-term solution for phone providers the metaphor he used was that it was equivalent to peeing in your pants for warmth in winter.

I wanted to point out that strategically, using Windows Phone is the same thing, except that vendors have to pay for the urine.

  • Vertti

    Good headline 😀

  • Or, if some rumours are accurate, it's actually Microsoft who would initially pay to pee on you. Still a glorious analogy though…

  • iOSWeekly

    Actually, I think that it's microsoft paying you to pee on yourself.

    • no its microsoft asking payment from you for you to pee in your pants

  • Berult

    Google/Microsoft: pee-to-pee networking.

  • Shaun

    Which is better though? Free pee or pee you've paid for?

    And is HTC's Sense UI the equivalent to eating lots of beetroot before you pee?

    • b

      Beetroot-flavoured urine is still urine.

  • GoodyBird

    More like you paying somebody to pee on you.

  • Iphoned

    I suppose peeing is still preferable to kidney stones. At least keeps you alive.

  • Tom, the dry

    Quite pee-culiar discussion today, eh, Guys?

  • Rob Scott

    I did not relate the peeing thing to Windows Phone, now that you did it is really tight for the OEMs.

  • What else can they do? Cross their legs and hope for the best?

  • JulesLt

    So how does Symbian fit int?

    • Marcos El Malo

      Kidney stones?

    • Mike

      Symbian is like peeing your pants for warmth only to realise that you're not wearing any pants and everyone is pointing and laughing.

      • Shaun

        Some people like that feeling of unrestricted freedom.

  • Mister Snitch

    Pee jokes and the internet. Like milk and cookies. (Yeah, I know. Somebody out there is going to take that comparison too literally.)

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  • Panamajack

    Peee-ewww, who recently ate asparagus ?

  • Slush


  • Peter D

    I think MS has already trademarked "squirting"

  • Travis

    @JulesLt Symbian is like trying to layer several fading t-shirts on top of each other to stay warm in winter.

    From a long-term strategy perspective this is still smarter than peeing your pants though.

  • Pishab

    Certainly better than a Cleveland Steamer don't you think?

  • Hamranhansenhansen

    And of course it is Microsoft's urine.

  • fergus

    paid for pee? beer, shurely.

  • martinX

    Is that what they do in Finland? Glad I live somewhere warmer…

  • JAmes

    I can see the Android t-shirts already… someone needs to monetize this quote!

  • Niilo

    Anssi is clearly demob happy!

    It is a great and valid analogy, but doubtless those within Nokia trying to promote Symbian and MeeGo to other OEMs are perhaps having some awkward meetings about now…

  • Steven

    I would say it’s more like paying Microsoft to pee on you

  • Smegma 2000

    I crapped my pants.