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  • Vikram

    Going up like iOS usage…

  • Aaron Steele

    Was the big spike in August from Gruber? I found your site because of a link from him and have been following ever since.

    • John Gruber has linked several times. DF drives a lot of traffic to though it’s not a single event that caused the surge in August. It had a lot to do with more writing as well. You can see the article count by month here: and the top referrers here:

    • Vikram

      I found the site through Gruber but started seeing a couple other references to Asymco from other places which started me coming back more often….and as Horace has started blogging much more frequently I come back all the time now…

      …keep up the great work!

    • ericgen

      I'm not sure how I first got here, though Daring Fireball was one of the ways that brought me back here a few times initially. It took me a little while to connect that Horace Dediu and Asymco were one and the same. I would see a reference to one or the other someplace and not connect it with this wonderful blog. It's probably a personal idiosyncrasy on my part. I did the same thing with Kontra and Counternotions for awhile.

      Horace, I noticed that the 'latest comments' section is gone. I'm assuming that this was deliberate since they're now likely changing so rapidly that they're not useful for most people. I was using them to 'quick check' throughout the day to keep up with new comments. I don't know if anyone else was so I don't know if anyone else found them useful.

      Maybe you can, or maybe you already have andI just haven't found it yet, put a time-sequeced, post independent list of comments (kind of like Twitter) on another page where we can go to pick up on the comments where we last left off? Just a thought… Thanks!

  • Aaron Steele

    Regardless of the reason for the spike, the increased writing gas been great. Keep up the great work!

  • Tom

    Re:recent posts
    I agree with ericgen: if there is some way we can access them, it would be great.
    Never have I encountered a blog where there is real diablogging: Horace, you're contributions to the comment section is order of magnitude beyond what anyone else does! Your posts are enlightening, but your interactive commenting beyond them is what makes this blog the best for me. Clarification, correction, support: it's all here! Thanks again!

  • RattyUK

    Thanks for reinstating the recent comments on the home page Horace!

    • asymco

      Trying to enhance the site. Some steps forward, some steps back.

  • alexkhan

    This is a high quality no-BS site with a lot of intelligence displayed in the articles as well as the blogs submitted by the readers. I’ve learned more from here than all the other “name” tech sites combined.

  • berult

    Curated and welcoming, a good read and a good read, uncluttered and dense, informal and substantive, formal and lighthearted, topical and digressive, incisive and superficial, graphical and philosophical, referential and deferential, "spacemanship" and penmanship, a measure of metrics and the bliss of eccentrics, some fascinating community "story telling" about an Apple's migration and simmering conquest of Symbian Land.

    You get what you "all" deserve, my readership…!       

  • kevin

    I found my way here when philip elmer-dewitt over at fortune tech pointed to horace way back when.

  • russell

    TechCrunch had you referenced in an article and have been a regular, passive reader since. I need all the help/perspective i can get, and Horace gives me the view out to the horizon. Thanks and for my own selfish reasons, i hope that you stay with Asymco.

  • alexkhan

    Horace, any thoughts on HP's hiring of Leo Apotheker as CEO? Ellison's response was quite interesting as well. Does this signal that HP is not interested in the consumer side of the business and that they will focus on the enterprise? Perhaps HP decided that it would prefer to fight IBM, Oracle, and Cisco instead of Apple, Samsung, and Nokia? HP has clearly indicated it has no interest in Android and is doing more and more to distance itself from Microsoft. Where do you see HP going?

    • I don't read anything into the new CEO at HP. The way I see executive change is not through a strategy filter but through a headhunting process that selects from a set of persons with a track record. The last thing you need to create asymmetric innovation is someone with a track record in P&L management.

      You can hear this advice from the best authority on the subject:

      HP is, for the time being, committed to WebOS as a device platform, that's all we know for sure.

  • Roman

    Congrats! Wishing you to get to a million a month in 2011 if not sooner!

  • Johhny Ives

    Horace, congrats. I hope asymco remains off the "troll" radar, as the discussions here are by far the most informative of the mobile sites I frequent.

  • danthemason

    Those reading the TMO forums have seen these posts from their inception. And a miraculous inception it has been. Thanks to Horace, one very bright light on a far horizon.