New Comment system in use

I activated IntenseDebate comments. This allows many features (see below) including the editing of comments.

There might be some issues or bugs that will be discovered only once the system is in use so let me know what you observe.

The key features claimed are:

  • Reply By Email
  • Users Reputations
  • RSS Feeds
  • Widgets
  • Threaded Comments
  • Tracking and Notifications
  • Profiles
  • Comment Voting
  • Social Traffic Drive

Readers will be able to follow the conversation within the comments better with comment threading. Comment threading makes reading comments manageable and returns the value of insightful comments to your site. Not only will your readers be more likely to comment, but they’ll be more likely to return to leave multiple comments as the debate gets going. Comment notification emails alert your readers when someone has responded to their comment and makes responding a piece of cake with our Reply By Email feature.

In addition, your readers will be able to vote on the comments made, and gain reputation points giving their comments more authority. Readers can subscribe to comments through our support of various RSS readers. Readers can follow their friends as they comment their way across the Internet. Not to mention that Intense Debate is a great tool for promoting their own blogs.

  • Rob Scott

    This site is getting better everyday. Thank you very much.

  • Mark Hernandez

    This is great Horace. I hope you'll be super strict about comments. This is YOUR site so feel free to block and delete comments, and encourage people to think before speaking.

    And I'm glad we can edit our comments, because there's always that extra word that gets left in when we restructure a sentence. I had one guy yell at me because I used the "genitive case" and I don't want to be red-faced about that again! (I'm being sarcastic.)

    Now all we need is bold, italic and links and then we're set, but I ain't complainin!

  • RattyUK

    Thanks for the constant improvement…

  • FalKirk

    I'm thrilled that your site now allows for editing. No matter how careful I am, I often catch mistakes only after I post. A much appreciated addition to the site.

    • FalKirk

      Hmmmmm. Having said that, I can't see how to edit my post. Maybe I'm just not observant enough. I'll keep looking.

      • RattyUK

        Think you have to be signed in through one of the others rather than guest, Fal.

      • Hi FalKirk and RattyUK – it's like a little AFB retreat here on Asymco's playground! :o) (Horace, thanks for the hospitality). I love the continuous and rapid improvement though not sure I'll use IntenseDebate login: 'Roman' was already taken (I imagine you had no problem creating accounts with your rather unique logins).

      • Mark Hernandez

        I left a comment elsewhere and was able to edit, and links are automatic and editable. And now I am editing this comment so I think it got enabled later. And I see I can make text bold but not italic using standard HTML codes. That's good enough. And if you hover the mouse over my tiny picture, it expands, allowing me to scare others.

  • berult

    I beg to differ. The "upgrades" to the comment section subvert my thought process into competing in a side show and a popularity contest. "intense debate" wants to cover all their bases and it fails miserably in harmonizing with yours.

    I couldn't care less about making mistakes; I try my best to avoid them but I want to leave room for my unruly ego to play tricks on me.

    No matter how hard you try to avoid it, moneytizing or commercializing your blog dilutes authenticity.

    And I want to feel important; important enough to extend your insight into uninhibited exploration of differentiated commonality; important enough for words of all participants to be framed from the heart of a mindset, literally and figuratively.

    "intense debate" is strong on peripherals, on analytics. It demeans uncluttered insights.

    • Joe_Winfield_IL

      If you are concerned about the vanity of "competing" for attention, feel free to obstain from making comments or to ignore the ratings your comments receive.

      Horace is responding to frequent requests from his readers for improved comments. He has created a best of both worlds scenario that allows comments without login for those who don't care to sign up for another web service. Please try to respect that most of us appreciate the ability to edit our comments. It allows grammatical corrections or minor additions without wasting additional space in the form of replies.

      Also, while I appreciate that this blog is free of distracting advertisements, I think most of us can respect the time and effort that goes into maintaining this caliber of analysis. If the curator chooses to monetize his efforts, so be it. Your comment is a gross generalization of the evils of money, similar to how every successful artist is at some time accused of "selling out" as though the art itself should be reward enough. Capitalism is OK, just look at what it has done for Apple.

  • CndnRschr

    An excellent site with a lot of original thinking and analysis gets even better. Deserves more attention (although not from the various professional trolls).

  • poru

    Good stuff, Horace. I was just thinking yesterday in fact that as your site's popularity (and acclaim) grows you would need an improved commenting system.

  • Dave Barnes

    Good choice.
    I prefer Disqus, but ID is OK.

  • Gandhi

    Hmm – made some comments under the new system, but do not see the edit button

  • Narayanan

    Ever since you changed to the new comment system, I am not able to see the comments on my ipad??
    I was using the web,twitter and PUlse/Flipboard to access Asymco.

    Anybody else? Or am I doing something wrong

    • asymco

      The new comments are hosted separately from the site. I am also noticing small issues like in the failure to display message counts in the mobile version of the homepage. I'm afraid it's two steps forward and one step back.

      • ericgen

        I suspect that it's related, but when I click the 'Comments' link at the bottom of an article on the front page to get to the comments, it takes 3 or 4 clicks on the back button to get back to the home page. This is on an iMac running Safari.

  • arjun_

    I was hoping you'd use disqus but I guess this is WordPress. Now I have to manage two commenting systems for my favorite blogs. *sigh*

  • Marc in Chicago

    One problem with the new comment format: The Submit Reply link is too close to the Show Replies arrow if you're using a touch screen device. I often open the Reply submission box when I just want to read the hidden comments. Perhaps the Submit Reply link should be right justified.

  • ericgen

    Hi Horace, I commented earlier in this post's comments about odd behavior when using the browser's back button to return to the main page. I've looked a little closer at it and have a few more characterizations of the problem. Maybe it's not a problem and just a 'feature' of the new comment system, but it doesn't seem very intuitive.

    From the main page, if you click on the link that is the articles title it takes you to the article, as expected. If you have clicked nothing else within the article, the back button takes you back to the main page.

    From the main page, if you click the 'comments' link at the bottom of the article's snippet on the main page, it takes you to the top of the comments section of the article, as expected. If you have clicked nothing else within the article, the back button takes you to the top of the article, not back to the main page as one would reasonably expect. Clicking the back button again takes you back to the comments section of the article. And, finally, clicking the back button once more actually takes you back to the main page. It winds up taking 3 clicks to get back from where it only took you one click to get.

    From the main page, if you click the 'comments' link at the bottom of the article's snippet on the main page, it takes you to the top of the comments section of the article, as expected. If you sort the comments, then hit the back button, it takes you back to the unsorted comments, not the main page (as a programmer, I can see why this happens, but it's not intuitive). You then have to keep clicking the back button as described in the last paragraph to get back to the main page.

    Maybe there's a better technique that I'm missing? The way it is now is doable, but it makes quickly checking on updated comments a bit annoying and tedious (though I love being able to sort on Last Activity). The comments are often very good, so it's worth being annoyed to read them. Thanks!

    • asymco

      Thanks for the thorough review. One way to get to the home page quickly is to click on the big green asymco logo at the top right of every page. I guess I'm used to that. The odd behavior of this system is due to the hosting of comments on a different server from the articles. Once commenting is "outsourced" to this "intense debate" there is a significant release of control. It's rather like any value chain.

      • ericgen

        Thanks! I was guessing that it was just an idiosyncrasy of the setup. I also use the the Asymco logo to get back to the main page.

        I guess I'm just lazy. I usually just use the mouse for everything and only have the keyboard within reach when I need to type something (which is rare, it also keeps the carts from walking on the keyboard:)). As such, the home button for getting back to the logo at the top of the post is extra effort. Like I said, I'm lazy! 🙂