Taiwan phone makers balking at Windows Phone 7

Digitimes reports:

only a handful of companies may get into WP7 when it arrives, they added. HTC may end up controlling 70 to 80 percent of the market simply by being one of the initial partners

via Taiwan phone makers balking at Windows Phone 7? | Electronista.

Confirming my assumption that “Android is clearly the darling of “Others” who are being shunned by Microsoft”.

  • Marcos El Malo

    Now we see the "beauty" of MS's suit against MOTO and HTC! Whether by carrot or by stick, I'm sure we'll see MS pick up a few more handset makers. And so long as MS isn't the behemoth in the phone market, they do offer a means towards differentiation. Still, this report indicates that MS has an uphill battle before them and some tough challenges.

  • Yes, thats the purpose of MS suit.

    About Taiwan and WP7 support ….
    I have worked with many of these Taiwan companies.
    Most are followers, they build for international brands (handset makers and operators).
    They are capable of supporting more than Android & Wintel & WP7 & more.
    When international brands come with WP7 spec;s, they will be ready

    If Microsoft is successful in getting support of a few brand OEMs, mobile operators and a few chip makers (Intel, Marvel, Nvidia, MediaTek…), its enough pull thru the necessary Taiwan ODMs.