63 percent of iPhones were sold outside the US in Q3

[AT&T] activated 5.2 million iPhones in the wake of the iPhone 4 launch, or about a 62.5 percent leap over an already record spring

via AT&T blows past records, activates 5.2m iPhones in summer | Electronista.

This means 63% of iPhones sold outside the US last quarter.  This is down from about 70% earlier this year. As it was a launch quarter and distribution was much more constrained outside the US, the lower figure is not surprising.

It’s still important to note however that sales outside the US are far larger than in the US but penetration and share is far less.

  • asymco

    I should say that the figure of activations does not equal devices sold. Activations include phones passed from one user to another. The actual number of phones sold could be significantly less so the 63% is a minimum for world-wide sales.

    • CndnRschr

      I think its tricky to read too much into these numbers. As you say, activations are not equivalent to sales and its difficult to know what each company is defining in each case (much like the cat-wauling over the number of activations of Android and iOS devices). The number isn't surprising given the markets and the fact that the US has only one carrier. The market to watch is China, which, if it follows Japan, could be a primary driver for future sales. That may be off-set to a degree by Verizon entering the fray. Wonder if there are any people holding out for a white iPhone?

    • Total speculation on my part but I suspect that number is relatively low with a device as fragile as the iPhone. I don't mean that as a cheap shot, just a fact. In my social circle, very few iPhones are in a state suitable for a hand-me-down after a year or two.

      • J Ives

        Perhaps your social circle should stop dropping phones, or invest in cases 😉

  • asymco

    Like Jobs pointed out on the concall, we don't even know how many Androids are sold as a total. Neither does Google, their "activations" number is not a perfect reflection of sales.

    • Iosweekly

      Yeah – in Australia & NZ at least android is non-existent – apple has over 50% smartphone share easy, followed by nokia, then windows mobile 6.x (!) and RIM. Palm & android don't really see anywhere yet (the motorolla droid phone – the first one, over a year old – just came out over here).

      The verizon deal will be good when it happens, but it's just a small piece of the huge global growth of apple, it's not make or break for apple at all. Be funny if it came out on sprint & t-mobile first.

      But I think apple sells to many through Vodafone worldwide, and since they co-own verizon wireless I think the launch will happen with zero crippling of features by verizon (the only difference probably being a preinstalled verizon streaming media app on the home screen, I don't thing apple would allow a parallel app store, especially after jobs rant on earnings call recently)

  • John

    I’ve passed intel iPhones to my family. Several friends have passed on theirs as well. I’ve yet to hear of one that just died. They seem rather robust.