Motorola ships 3.8 million smartphones

Sales from its handset business climbed 20 percent to $2 billion last quarter, helping to narrow its loss to $43 million from $216 million a year earlier. The division had an operating profit, excluding some charges, of $3 million. Motorola said it shipped 3.8 million smartphones last quarter.

via Motorola Profit Tops Estimates on Rising Sales of Droid Phones – Bloomberg.

Motorola shipped a total of 9.1 million phones. This is down 33% from the year-ago quarter’s 13.6 million units but up 10% sequentially from 8.3 million last quarter.

I’ll summarize the top tier vendors’ unit volumes, sales value, price and profitability in a few days.

  • Kristian

    I've been waiting that article like xmas. Only few days more 🙂

  • What would be really interesting to see is which products were released in which quarter next to your data. The news flags on google finance graphs are really helpful in seeing what events may have prompted certain changes.

    I am trying to remember back (internet years go by so fast) as to what phones Motorola was releasing (was it the first Droid?). It might be interesting to see if the Android strategy is helping them turn their fortunes round or just delaying the inevitable.

  • r00fus

    I want to pose a question from Gruber's blogpost about the same data: $3M profit on 3.8M Smartphone sales?
    Is that for real?
    I wonder what some of those one-time charges might be… could they be the payoff to Microsoft for the patent lawsuit?

    • asymco

      The profit is from all mobile phone sales, so actually from 9.1 million devices sold. But that's operating profit not gross margin. Meaning they deducted fixed or overhead costs attributed to the division in addition to the costs to manufacture (variable costs). Fixed costs are typically R&D and SG&A (engineering and marketing and sales). After those costs, they basically broke even. I'll get all the numbers out in a few days so you can see prices, margins, etc.

  • Alexkhan2000

    A good example of Android's pursuit of the biggest losers, isn't it? They're using a free OS from Google and can't make more money than this?

    • asymco

      They are being congratulated for making anything at all. Without the Android lifeline they would surely have been forced to exit the business and sell off the brand to ZTE or someone else.