In London for Apps World

As London seems to have a particularly high concentration of readers, I thought I’d mention that I’ll be in London for the Apps World Exhibition 30th November and 1st December 2010. I’ll be attending as an official blogger and will cover the event.

If you are interested in meeting at or near the event let me know by email.

If there is enough interest, I will consider having a modest gathering at a venue nearby.

  • asymco

    The app economy is very relevant to the topics here. I have posted several times about the growth of the app stores and how that might be interpreted. The challenge is always how to find data for interpretation. One topic I'm interested in is how the app stores differ between different platforms.

    One way to do an ecosystem comparison would be to go through a list of the Fortune 500 companies and search each of their names on both the App Store and on the Android Store. The hypothesis would be that n% of the F500 are on iPhone and m% are on Android Marketplace where n>>m.

    Then one could look at the Interbrand 100 list and do the same.

    Finally one could look at all the top luxury brands and do the same.

    Last spring I did a similar survey on my own of the App store and found that about 10% of the Fortune 300 were on the app store and about 60% of the top brands and over 80%of the top luxury brands.

    I would be these numbers are higher today and that they are much smaller on Android.

    This would allow one to conclude that iPhone apps are more likely to be hired by brands than Android. Why would this be?

    Similar research in business categories could also reveal how the platforms are viewed by the different industry sectors.

    • Russell


      I have been keeping an "unofficial" number(in my head) of times that i see an app available for the iphone vs android phones. I' ve noticed two things:

      1. Of coarse, if a company is on a single platform it tends to be on the iphone. I think that the iphone has an unspoken "cool factor" attached to it at this time. Perhaps its also "implied" that if you are only going with one app you can't go wrong with the iphone platform in the nearterm. Other platform apps can always be added at a later date, so no damage done by this strategy. Another factor for marketing teams, the tighter integration on this platform gives the user the best brand experience .

      2. Luxury brands lean more toward the iphone when on a single app, perhaps because their most recent research on demopgraphics show a higher networth among iphone users, and all the factors related to my first point.


  • Gregg Thurman

    I'd love to meet you personally and discuss all things Apple. Unfortunately I just got back from London.


  • JonathanU

    Am more than keen to meet if you're available. There are a plethora of decent pubs near the Olympia convention centre and it would be my pleasure to buy you a beer!

    Check your inbox, have dropped you a note.