China Unicom Says It Will Introduce own smartphone OS by Year-End

The UPhone will run on a “totally new” operating system that Unicom developed based on Linux, Zhang Zhijiang, who heads the company’s technology department, said in an interview today at the Mobile Asia Congress in Hong Kong. The phone is being developed with Okwap, Huawei Technologies Co. and ZTE Corp., he said.

via China Unicom Says It Will Introduce Self-Developed Smartphone by Year-End – Bloomberg.

Operators are still considering bespoke operating systems.

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  • mortjac

    A silly move, as I see it. Why don't base it on Android?

    • Marcos El Malo

      China Unicom is majority owned by the Chinese government. They certainly have the resources to roll their own. Maybe it's a prestige thing, or maybe it's because of the somewhat rocky relationship that Google has with the Chinese government.

      China Unicom (BVI) Limited effectively holds 40.92% of the company and China Netcom Group (BVI) Limited holds 29.49%, while the remainder is traded on the Shanghai, Hong Kong and the New York stock exchanges. Both majority shareholders are state controlled enterprises. Source: Wikipedia

  • Iphoned

    Bigger question – why isn’t China Mobile selling iPhone.

    • OpenMind

      Can't. iPhone won't work for China Mobile network, which is TS-CDMA, a so-called patriot 3G mobile protocol. Wise guy China Unicom (former party general secretary's son) wrested 3G UMTS away from China Mobile after shuffle of China telecom players.

  • famousringo

    Take it, fork it, mould it to your needs and priorities.

  • Or MeeGo (cough…)