Poll: How would you like to get Asymco data?

I am preparing a productization of the data underlying the models I use. I am working with to build the product and we are considering several options for packaging and pricing/access.

The first question I have is about how readers would like to see the data. I put up a poll to the right.

More questions will follow.

  • Rob Scott

    The options are not clear:

    Wouldn't a complete report include a-la-carter chart data?

    My interest though is in raw data for-instance I have been looking for a reliable source that has the phones classified into smartphones, feature phones but also includes important device attributes like, touchscreen, qwerty, os, cpu speed, display, display size, air generation, etc. So that is how I would like to see your data, in a flat table form with all the details. Because I would imagine that you report would be the starting point from which we make can make company specific reports.

    I have most of your graphs (for reference) but almost always lack the data behind the charts, making it difficult to incorporate it with my powerpivots for an example. Some of the firms we subscribe to offer a full report and the excel data behind the report, I find this is very helpful.

    • asymco


      Thanks for the input.

      The complete report would include individual chart data, but would be priced differently.

  • Kristian

    Priced differently¿

    • r.d

      which part of productization, do you not understand.
      May be you believe in Google Free.

  • You know better than to ask the customer what he wants. Show me the respective option values and I'll tell you what I'd pay for it.

    • asymco

      Touché. However, the purpose of the poll to also measure whether there is any demand at all.

  • tim