Google as Android "Vendor"

In a recent tally of mobile OS market share estimates from Canalys, the market was organized by OS vendors. The number of devices sold by operating system vendor includes as many OS’s as each vendor may supply.

For example, Microsoft licensed two different OS’s during the period: Windows Mobile 6.5 and Windows Phone 7. Nokia also offered multiple versions of Symbian, which have varying degrees of inter-operability.

Google’s offerings include (as per footnote) OMS and Tapas platforms in addition to Android.

Fragmentation is not a new subject as OS licensing models have been ripe with it for as long as they existed.

What I want to draw attention to is the concept of Google as “vendor.” Continue reading “Google as Android "Vendor"”

The iPhone share: 17.25% of smartphones, 4.2% all phones

The mobile phone market is growing rapidly. It grew 18% in the last quarter. The smartphone market grew even faster, about 75%.

To grow share in this market means growing even faster than the market. What we can see from the following charts is how the iPhone as a product grew in share since it was launched 3.5 years ago: Continue reading “The iPhone share: 17.25% of smartphones, 4.2% all phones”