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Ever since I started publishing this blog there have been requests for access to the underlying data sets. That’s not an easy thing to do. Spreadsheets are not “productized”. It’s very hard to explain how to use one and even harder for charts. Having been an user of commercial spreadsheet models, I know that it’s a massive undertaking to produce and support them. Many large companies can afford this but few individuals would be willing to pay $15,000 for an analyst’s data.

In many cases even at large companies professional information services staff are employed to master the data sets and answer questions for the general user. The complexity and cost of comprehensive market research is a huge burden for innovation in analysis.

As an independent analyst, I’ve struggled with the question of how to provide this access to a large audience on any device.

Fortunately, modern browsers have the capability to allow interaction with rich charts. Inspired companies are taking advantage of this and implementing data viewers which extend the way users can visualize complex data. Timetric is one such company.

Over the past few months we’ve worked together to find a way to deliver Asymco charts and data as an interactive and downloadable product.

Our first result is this report: Mobile Phone Market Overview: Q4 2010

The video below highlights the main features of the Asymco Interactive report:


  • Should prove very helpful.

  • Rob Scott

    This is great. I am going to propose that we purchase/subscribe. I hope I succeed. The only obstacle I think I will face is that your analysis is very OEM focused. I work for an Operator and you rarely offer suggestion that might help us deal with the challenges brought by these disruptive forces. I have however found your analysis very compelling and refreshing and most importantly very useful in my work as analyst.

  • My inner chart geek is very pleased.

  • ______

    Analyst disruption gets another boost. Well done. Will be buying.

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