Saturation of mobile subscriptions and the acceleration of mobile broadband adoption



data source: ITU

  • What an innovate way explaining a collection of graphs. Horace is giving us work for our thoughts for weeks ahead!
    We're planning for expanding our financial apps from Norway and Spain to US and China. And these numbers and graphs are exactly what we needed!

  • Is the implication that there are more subscriptions than people In Europe and CIS?

    • asymco

      Yes, over 100% penetration means more than 1 subscription per person. There are many countries where this is the case even within regions which have not gone over (for example Israel and Taiwan.)

  • Tom

    Is there some way to chart population totals against mobile sub totals? Against MB totals?

  • r00tabega

    Not sure I get this chart, as stunning as it is…
    Is this mobile subs (gold) vs. mobile-broadband subs (blue)?

    • asymco

      That's right. The gold area is mobile subs that are not mobile broadband and the blue area is mobile broadband subs. The sum of the two is total mobile subs. Leftmost chart is global, charts to the right are regional (all to same scale). The inset chart shows penetration (number of subs per 100 residents).

  • Mike

    I have no idea what this chart is saying. It's so messy, I'm not positive its rendering right in my browser. Random "triangles" all over the place. Some anchored on the axis, Some floating way above it…

    • Mike

      ok, I'm getting nothing. On the far left I see an axis from 2005 to 2010. The bottom most shape is labeled Europe. Then above that anchored at 1 billion is another shape labeled Americas. Why is that floating above Europe? Why does it "start" at 1 billion and Europe at 0? To the right of that column starting at 2 billion is Africa. What are these billions? Why is africa sitting on top of 2 billion?

      I normally love the posts on this site. But I really have no clue what is going on here. Perhaps you could write up a few paragraphs about what I'm supposed to learn from this.

  • Westechm

    Sorry, Asymco, The charts are pretty but hard to understand. When I finally figured them out I was disappointed. What is the message? Is it that smart phones are replacing dumb phones faster in more saturated markets than in less saturated ones?

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