[Sponsor] Technology Coast Consulting: A new report on Smartphones in the US Enterprise

I’d like to again thank Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting for sponsoring the blog this week. They prepared a report “Smartphones in the US Enterprise” which includes a large number of interviews with industry participants which you won’t find in public forums.

Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting directly support clients and mid-tier research firms on hundreds of market intelligence and primary research projects.  These research organizations’ combined expertise extends from mature hardware and software to emerging technology. They also offer the services and support required to deploy and maintain these solutions.

For the past decade these firms have developed relationships with subject matter experts and industry influencers worldwide.  These connections put them in close proximity to the tactical and strategic information that IT, product management, marketing and sales executives seek.

By interviewing thousands of technology consumers Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting obtain an understanding of the integration of technology within corporate enterprises and the application of technology within a given industry.

For additional information, please visit:  Technology Coast Consulting or Galvin Consulting.


The controversy of playing it safe: What's IDC's Smartphone Market Message?

IDC released a new forecast for the worldwide smartphone market which included a long range forecast–all the way to 2015.

Most people fixated on the share data in 2015. Not hard to do since whoever wrote the press release highlighted this flashy headline. Putting aside the three significant digits of accuracy on every data point and the hard to swallow declaration that a painfully underperforming (in more ways than one) Windows Phone will overtake iOS and BlackBerry to become the second largest platform by units/year in 2015, there is much more to the report.

Using only the public data from the press release we can put together a pretty good picture of the transition being forecast and determine some of the (unstated) assumptions being made. It’s these assumptions about the underlying market dynamics which illuminate far more than the falsely precise share data.

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