[Sponsor] Technology Coast Consulting: A new report on Smartphones in the US Enterprise

I’d like to again thank Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting for sponsoring the blog this week. They prepared a report “Smartphones in the US Enterprise” which includes a large number of interviews with industry participants which you won’t find in public forums.

Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting directly support clients and mid-tier research firms on hundreds of market intelligence and primary research projects.  These research organizations’ combined expertise extends from mature hardware and software to emerging technology. They also offer the services and support required to deploy and maintain these solutions.

For the past decade these firms have developed relationships with subject matter experts and industry influencers worldwide.  These connections put them in close proximity to the tactical and strategic information that IT, product management, marketing and sales executives seek.

By interviewing thousands of technology consumers Technology Coast Consulting and Galvin Consulting obtain an understanding of the integration of technology within corporate enterprises and the application of technology within a given industry.

For additional information, please visit:  Technology Coast Consulting or Galvin Consulting.


  • clodoaldo

    Did you write all that yourself, or did you get everything after the first sentence — the one containing the word "I" — directly from TCC & GC?

    If the latter, I'd just like to say that I for one would find it a bit creepy for a blogger like you with a strong voice of his own to glide into parroting other people's stuff — even when those other people have been chosen by you as a sponsor.

    If the former, please can you try to write your sponsor endorsement text so that it sounds more authentically like you?

    Maybe this is unavoidable with sponsors, but blurring the distinction between your voice and your sponsors' voices seems unhealthy.

    • asymco

      As the title and category identifies this as "Sponsorship" the content is not entirely my own. I did review and edit the copy however.

  • clodoaldo

    OK, thanks for the reply. Clearly, the "[Sponsor]" tag signals a blog post making space available for the sponsor's message, but it also raises the question of the extent to which that message is endorsed by the blogger.

    I repectfully suggest that it would be good — both for you and for the sponsor(s) — if you could find a way to do your reviewing and editing in a way that gives a less uncertain answer to that question — the uncertainty perhaps arising here because this sponsor's promotional copywriter produces prose whose clunkiness distinguishes it quite sharply from your own. I started off quite comfortably in the safe hands of "Author Horace Dediu", and found myself a few moment later in the middle of text resembling a Microsoft press release.

    (Disclaimer: I apologise if this all seems impertinent and unduly fussy. I acknowledge, of course, that it's your blog and you can manage it however you like. And I'm grateful that I'm able to read it at no cost.)

    • You're suggesting there's ambiguity here as to whether this is an acknowledgment of sponsorship or a more personal testimonial. I see no language in the above that implies the latter.

      This is a blog. The CMS that runs it assigns an "author" to whomever posted the entry.

  • maria34524

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