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The Post PC era just turned more so.


You can still get the t-shirt.

  • Awesome

  • r.d


    did you miss the 25 million ipad sold 14 months announcement.
    that make 6 million sold in 2 months.

  • Does your designer Michael Burgstahler also work for Apple?

  • John

    Hello, "Game Center" logo anyone?

  • iTunes Match – You pay Steve Jobs 24.99/year so that he doesn't have to store 100 million copies of Lady Gaga's latest hit like those losers at Google and Amazon … …. …. wait a minute?! Just brilliant :)))

    • George Slusher

      Accessing the songs you bought through the iTunes Store is free. You only have to pay $24.99 to use iTunes Match for songs you got elsewhere. That must be Apple's sop to the music labels and publishers.

    • I think you've identified a significant difference in the solutions being offered. I'll bet it's more a legal hurdle of licensing agreements rather than a technical feat.

      Not only do Google and Amazon have to store the information, you have to send it to them. Initially, that's going to take a while.

      • George Slusher

        Right. The shoe that didn't drop, of course, was video–movies, TV, etc. Of course, iOS already supports streaming video for rented movies & TV shows, but it would be great to be able to stream movies one has purchased. What would be REALLY great would be a service where I could put a DVD into my computer, which would read the unique identifier codes and transmit to Apple that I own the movie, allowing me to stream it for a (small) fee. That is essentially the same thing as iTunes Match, which would find tracks I ripped from CDs.

      • dragan0405

        well, he must leave something for iPhone 5 keynote

      • newtonrj

        And at some point, El-Goog and Rain-Tree-Forest company will be legally-discoverable for storing illegal song copies. -RJ

  • Dick Applebaum


  • brian gillespie

    Have you got a "Cease and Desist" letter yet?

  • r00tabega

    Horace, you must have fans at the highest levels in Cupertino 🙂

  • Gromit1704

    Sorry horace, Apple had the Rocket design first. It is on the Game Center app icon

    Which Apple have been using for over a year.

    • Sander van der Wal

      Horace's rocket looks more like a mix between the space shuttle and a proper rocket. Look at the tail, the wings (or whatever those things sticking out at the back end) are at different places.

      • Sander van der Wal

        On my mac at least. Oops. On my iPad the bottom fin is clearly visible, but on the mac it is almost the same color as the background.

      • The image Horace posted is only a simulated print result (where the background tries to resemble the fabric's color). On the real shirt, the dark fin below should be clearly visible.

  • Horace, what's your take on iCloud and the rest of the news today?

  • Gromit1704

    Both Apple and Asymco must have seen the Oscar winning animation film

    Wallace and Gromit's "A Grand Day Out"

    • asymco

      We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

    • KenC

      Rocket images often look like the V1 buzz bomb. Not surprising.

  • Gromit1704
  • I though about this but then I got sick of the U3 interface and totally installed it and replaced it with a different one which coincidentally would be compatible with TheWord.