MacDirectory: Exclusive | Horace Dediu: Apple expert

“This is my site. It’s an evolving experiment in collaborative and peer reviewed analysis.”

via MacDirectory: Exclusive | Horace Dediu: Apple expert.

  • claimchowder

    …and the experiment is not failing 🙂

  • As experiments go, you form some great hypotheses. It is not often you can really learn new things from the stuff on the internet.

  • That's a lovely write-up.

    I had no idea you were a Nokia refugee; no wonder you know their culture back to front.

  • bradfol

    The article poses a question that I have been wondering about myself: "What is the story behind the Asymco name?"

    Is there an explanation of the origin or meaning of the name "Asymco"?

    • Famousringo

      Heh, he did skip over that one, didn't he? One of the oldest PR tricks, "Answer the question you wish they had asked."

      ASYMmetric COmpetition.

      • Awesome! Thank you for the information.

      • Horace should consider running for office. 😉

  • PatrickG

    Horace, as a 4th generation Finno-American I confess to envying your vantage of the Baltic in Helsinki! Otherwise, I am delighted with all of your responses in the interview, especially as I contemplate wrapping up a 13 year career in a Fortune 50 company, and look around to see which direction holds the most mystery and thus piques my interest. I hope you have as many years and as much success as you care to derive from this effort. It is very cool, well-delivered and tremendously insightful.

  • Relayman5C

    Horace, I cringe at the title "Apple expert" because I think a lot of people may think you're an Apple fanboi. To me, you are much more knowledgeable than that and do an excellent job providing balanced coverage of the whole cell phone/tablet landscape. I hope this doesn't backfire on you.

    • I agree that H. isn't so much an Apple expert as he is an expert on the emerging mobile computing business. But how exactly is this going to "backfire"? I think you're being a bit alarmist.

      • Relayman5C

        Good. Hopefully the people who read this blog are intelligent enough to know that Horace isn't an Apple fanboi.

  • Asymco is an experiment kind of like the way Apple TV is a hobby.