An interview with Horace Dediu

An interview with Horace Dediu.

Curiously, given the high specs, I find myself using only an iPad for a week (without access to AC current).

  • Eric D.

    Thanks for the breakdown, Horace. I love those 27" iMacs. I hope they make a 27" iPad one day. But four 27-inch monitors? What would you be running on them? (You certainly wouldn't need any extra heat in the winter.)

    What 3D program would you use with the 3D printer? And what do you model? Inquiring minds want to know…

  • Kristian

    Why not go Mac Pro with 4 30" displays 😉 If I remember right Al Gore has Mac Pro and 3 30" displays. Yep he did:,29307,162

  • bossjet

    All the info from the interview should go into a new section on this page called "My Setup"

  • Gromit1704

    Hmmm. There goes my imagined Horace, crouch behind his Bondai Blue iMac and 4 Billy Bookcases.

  • iosweekly

    I'm Curious Horace – When you are contemplating new ways to present data, how to you conceive your charts? Do you start with rough sketches or does all start in a spreadsheet? Do you have it visualised in your head originally, or do you test and modify charts several times until it "grabs" you?

    • asymco

      I put the data together then I try several ways to visualize it. Like anything, it's a process of trial and error and refinement as you get better at it.

  • Yay! Horace rocks!

  • tnn222

    I suspect Horace has a background in graphic design

    • asymco

      Not in the slightest. I have a background in software engineering. Never had any training or practice in graphic design.

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