The Mobile Marshalling Yard

The phone vendors’ ranking relative to each other on three measures of share (Unit or Volume, Revenues and Operating Profit) is shown below:



Although not much changed in the unit rankings since last quarter, revenues did see Samsung and Nokia trade places. In the case of Profitability, the chart shows a sparseness that is quite unprecedented. Only positive profit figures are charted.


  • ChicagoBob

    The profit graph seems to be missing a point for Nokia in the most recent quarter.

    • asymco

      Indeed. That's because there was none. The measure is of operating profits from mobile phones.

  • What software did you use to create these ranking charts? I like them!

    • asymco

      I use Numbers for all my charts. $19.99 on the Mac App store (plus a lot of patience).

  • William Cordis

    What software do you use to create these charts?

    • asymco

      I use Numbers for all my charts. $19.99 on the Mac App store (plus a lot of patience).

  • r00tabega

    What's the units/marks on the X dimension? Quarters?

    • asymco

      Yes, quarters. The axis was dropped on the way to the printing press.

  • Omar Grant

    Horace, are you aware of the German court that blocked the same of the Samsung tablet in Europe? Was that info figured into your chart?

    • CndnRschr

      Not sure why the temporary injunction to block the sale of a tablet has to do with phone sales, revenues and profits. Samsung is being sued by Apple over its Galaxy smartphones as well but the sales of those devices has not yet been blocked. (It's only the 10.1" tablet that is the subject of the court injunction in europe and Australia). There are several possible outcomes to this legal action. One is that Samsung wins the case – if so Apple will have to pay reparations to Samsung for lost profits. More likely, Apple will win – in which case Samsung has to abandon sales of the tablet in its current manifestation. Thirdly, Apple and Samsung will come to some agreement. I don't think Apple is interested in monetary compensation – they simply want to prevent Samsung (and others) from selling look-alike products. Hence, scenario 3 is unlikely.

  • Suhit Anantula

    Hi Horace.

    I have numbers too but never figured out how you get these beautiful charts in Numbers. I am sure it takes a lot of patience.

    Is there anything you can suggest for me to learn?


    • KenC

      Strange, highlight a couple rows or columns of data, then hit the chart drop down, select a style, voila, instant chart. Then use the inspector to change things around. The style of Numbers is obvious. The colors that Horace uses are the defaults, and immediately tip you off that he is using Numbers.

      • Suhit Anantula

        KenYou are right. I have tried that and have successfully used Numbers in making many charts but some of the charts Horace makes I think are not from the defaults.

      • asymco

        There are many ways to modify the defaults and it takes a while to see the possibilities. You just need to try a lot of things and that's where the patience comes in.

      • Suhit Anantula

        Thanks Horace.I will give it a go. You are an inspiration on how you use data and visualize it to represent strategy with just using numbers.Sent from my iPhone

  • James

    I miss the London Underground.

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