5by5 | The Critical Path #6: Black Boxes

Horace and Dan tackle corporate valuation and hypothesize whether amateur bloggers know more about Apple than professional analysts. We also look at the ancient economic history of Windows and how that still shapes it today.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #6: Black Boxes.

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  • MOD

    Nice. It takes courage to challenge the status quo on Wall Street and Investments Managers. But the most successful are some distance away: the Oracle of Omaha (Buffet) just hired a guy from Charlottesville, Virginia, who lives in his office and only reads 10-K:

    If there’s a secret to Mr. Weschler’s success, he said it is that he reads. A lot. A person who has been in his office noted that he has stacks of 10-K filings, or company annual reports, all over his office, and he reads them himself. He shares the office with an associate and an assistant.

    “Ted will spend months quietly in the corner trying to understand a particular issue, then he emerges like a quiet reporter of what he’s learned”

    We need a title for Horace of Helsinki. The Hero of Helsinki?

    • Anonymous

      I’m surprised you didn’t try the Horacle of Helsinki.

  • Anonymous

    Nice analysis of the pricing problem of windows 8 in there Horace. I wonder if we’ll see differential pricing between the ARM edition, the intel Atom edition and the full x86 edition. That would seem the only way that MS could compete with Apple and Android in the pure tablet market without destroying their own margins in the laptop market.

    Interestingly this would seem to be taking consumer OSes into the same territory as enterprise OSes, where customers are used to paying more for the same software on more powerful hardware with costs on a per core or per CPU basis.

  • deagol

    Thanks for the mention Horace. It’s quite the satisfaction and a true honor to know my work inspired you as well as others.