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Decoding Steve Jobs: Select Commentary from

by Norm Smallwood, Kate Sweetman, Dave Ulrich, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Jeffrey Pfeffer, Horace Dediu, James Allworth, Max Wessel, Rob Wheeler, Bill Taylor

Source: Harvard Business Press Books

14 pages.  Publication date: Sep 22, 2011. Prod. #: 10973-PDF-ENG

“The news of Steve Jobs’s retirement from Apple may be losing steam but observations on his legacy – and Apple’s leadership future – are only beginning. In recent years, leading thinkers have contributed their thoughts on the Jobs phenomenon on We’ve compiled a few of the best here, and we invite you to read them through the lens of business lessons to be learned.’ We’ve selected six pieces: two from after Jobs’s August 2011 announcement and four from before. We hope you will enjoy them, learn from them, and continue to turn to for ideas and inspiration.

Available for download for $1.99 via Decoding Steve Jobs: Select Commentary from – Harvard Business Review.

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