Sponsor: Billings Pro from Marketcircle, now with cloud

I want to once again thank Marketcircle for their support and for their great software.

Marketcircle develops business applications for small businesses and individuals who use the Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

In a previous sponsorship I mentioned Billings Pro. It’s their multi-user time tracking and invoicing solution for the Mac and iPhone. They’ve since added Marketcircle Cloud. With Marketcircle Cloud you get the Mac and iPhone experience with the convenience of web access. They take care of setup, hosting, and backup of your data, while you focus on your business.

As I’ve mentioned in my stats round-up Mac and iOS users make up a majority of the audience for Asymco. As I also expect many of you are using Macs in a working environment and are either self-employed or work in small firms, Marketcircle’s applications could be a valuable addition to your operations.

Strongly recommended. They offer free trials. Read more here.