Sponsor: CaptureNotes redefines taking notes

In March I wrote about how the iPad 2 was comparable to a “real computer” of five years ago by looking at the “feeds and speeds” of the two.

One thing that notebook and desktop computers had more of was screen resolution but the iPad has more sensors and communication options. An iPad 2 has built-in cameras, accelerometer, ambient light sensor, magnetometer and gyroscope. It also has a microphone. It can communicate using 3G and has GPS for location services. In meaningful ways the bigger iPod touch does a lot more than a notebook or desktop from five years ago.

As one would expect, these new communication and sensory functions are accessible to apps and developers are taking advantage of this access by creating new ways of interaction and gaining uses for the iPad well beyond what we might expect from a more powerful but less capable computer.

Case in point is this week’s sponsor. CaptureNotes 2 is more than just a note-taking app for the iPad. It lets you record audio while you type. Because the iPad is likely to be used in new contexts like meetings or classrooms it makes sense to capture more than keystrokes. The innovation does not stop with the combination of text and sound. CaptureNotes 2 brings an entirely new feature to the experience: Flags.

Flags are intelligent bookmarks, allowing you to place specific marks in time during a recording to follow up on in later review. For example, if you were using CaptureNotes in a class, you could mark things like test questions, text references, follow-up requests, or even make your own custom flag set. In a meeting at work, you could mark action items to follow up on.

When it comes time to study for your test or compile your to-do list, you can sort notes by flag type, taking you back to that specific piece of audio recording and notes.

Note-taking is also available on imported PDFs and email sessions. Taking advantage of iPad’s constant connectivity, CaptureNotes lets you store your binders and notebooks on Dropbox.

CaptureNotes 2 was recently selected as “app of the week” at TiPB, and in celebration, it’s on sale. Capture everything at school, work, or home with CaptureNotes 2.