Interactive charts for Apple's product lines

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This is a data set that shows Apple’s product-level performance according to Units sold, Average Selling Prices, Cost of Sales, Gross Margin, Unit Growth, Revenues, Revenue Growth and Gross Margin contribution. It, along with all the other data sets are available under the Products menu at the top of this page.

Default settings:

  • Line Chart
  • Y-Axis set to Revenues.
  • Color set to GM (Gross Margin percent).

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Visualizing Mobile Phone Vendor Performance Through Motion Charts

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Try the following settings:

  • Set y-axis to Profit (units: $ Billion)
  • Set x-axis to Volumes (in Millions/quarter).
  • Set Size: Revenues in $Billion. (Scroll within gadget to see Size selector).
  • Set Color: ASP (Average Selling Price in US Dollars)
  • Press Play or use scroll bar to scrub through time.

Note the “Vendor data” tab where you can see the source data and options for different chart types (upper right of chart).

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