Sponsor: The Glif and Glif+

I still have a professional camera, the legendary Canon 1D with a few L series lenses. I’ve also carried phones with cameras since about 2002. But they were never good enough. When it came to photos I am one of those “highly demanding” consumers at the top of the market who looks down on disruptive low-end products. An SLR with a two pound lens was the only way I could be satisfied.

However, like the theory suggests, even the most demanding customers succumb to the new disruptive technology. For me it happened with the iPhone 4. I’ve been very happy with almost all photos taken with it. I really appreciated the HDR function and the HD video which my old camera could not do.

There is however something that is missing. The ability to take crisp pictures in low light or to shoot video without camera motion requires a tripod. I’ve envied some of the rigs that allow tripod mounting of iPhones but they’ve all looked bulky and expensive, defeating the “always with you” value proposition of the phone camera. If I would take a rig with me, I might as well pack the D1.

That is until I came across the Glif. The Glif is an extremely small and simple accessory for mounting your iPhone 4 or 4S to any standard tripod. It doubles as a little kickstand to prop your iPhone up for watching movies, using FaceTime, etc. The packaging even doubles as its own little bipod.

The clever design means that you can take it with you all the time. They’ve even made it a lot easier with with Ligature, a keychain loop that means you take it with you whenever you take your keys. They’ve also added Serif, an additional attachment to keep your iPhone super secure in extreme situations (like on a bike mount). The package of Glif, Serif and Ligature is called Glif+.

They are also offering the +Pack, for those of you that already own a Glif and just want the add-ons. Both are available for preorder now, and will ship in 1-2 weeks just in time for the holidays.

Do check out the videos on the site. I have received recommendations for this product on Twitter so it seems to be well liked by users. To me it looks really amazing and even though they are a sponsor I bought two.

Available now at StudioNeat for a very reasonable price.

  • I purchased the Glif several months ago, and while I have yet to use it to take photos, I’ve regularly used it to prop up my iPhone for viewing or typing. Very clever design.

  • I have used the Glif heavily to take many photographs.  It is small, light and holds the iPhone 4/4S very well.

    Great little tool in the camera bag.

  • Just bought the Plus pack – love the Glif almost as much as I love every word (and incredible graph) that Horace produces about Apple!

  • I bought one before they were manufactured (I win 🙂 ha ha.  I wanted it with me all the time so I fashioned a keychain holder myself a long time ago using an old keychain, a little thing from the camera shop, and a drill.  But yesterday I saw that the +Pack is available and ordered it immediately.  My friend and I are always going to breakfast and playing YouTubes for each other at the table and we prop up our phones with the Glif.

    Plus, +, I intend to be make a video proposal for my new venture this month, and I’ll be filming it on the iPhone 4S using a tripod and Glif+ and editing it with Final Cut Pro X.  Glif+ is now available at the perfect moment and I can’t say enough good things about it.  I love simple creative things like this that surprise and delight.  

    I know I sound like an advertisement, but as Mrs. Judith Beasley would say (a Lily Tomlin character) “I am not a professional actor, I am a regular person like yourself.” 🙂

  • Patrick Toolan

    I’d forgotten about these guys. Loved the Kickstarter campaign but never had a reason to buy, or need at the time. Now, I have several. What a perfect sponsor. 

  • Talltrash

    Thanks, Horace.  My wife is going to love this.