Sponsor: Hiring OmniFocus to get things done.

One of the theories that gets significant attention on this blog is “job-to-be-done” theory. It’s a powerful tool for product designers and managers that allows them to uncover unmet needs and build great products that more often than not have no competition. We’ll dive more deeply into this discussion with some future posts and podcasts.

But today I want to highlight how one developer took the commonly observed job of “to-do lists” and, by applying context, made a compelling solution to the job.

In other words, it goes from “what do I need to do” to “what, when, where can I get things done?” This is as important as going from “where do I call to reach someone” to “call someone no matter where they are.” This is what mobility did to communication and now Omnifocus does to task management

Furthermore, you can use OmniFocus to modularize projects. You can combine fragments of ideas or projects into steps to complete goals.

Rather than spending time planning, move the responsibility of remembering daily tasks from your brain to OmniFocus — gather everything into the Inbox for later review, and then organize those bits into folders, projects, actions, and contexts.

OmniFocus is as simple or advanced as you want it to be.

Available on Mac, iPad, and iPhone with free cloud sync. The job isn’t to manage your “to do list”. The job is to get things done.

Read more about OmniFocus here.

  • Kristian

    OmniGraffle Pro makes me happy. 🙂

    • Everything from the Omni Group makes me happy – great sponsor, Horace!

  • Anonymous

    Why should I assume you’re not being disingenuous, that you’re not just making your sponsors happy?

    • qka

      Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get you.

    • berult

      If he were, wouldn’t it be ‘lower yield’ Virtue rendering if he simply sidestepped the moral issue and let, on the page’s margin, the Sponsor soliloquize in guiltless intimacy with his Blog’s midsection…?

    • You either believe or you don’t. There is nothing I can say to convince you either way; apart from what’s already been written in this blog.

      • Anonymous

        You could have explained how the sponsorship works.

      • Sponsorship was first explained here:

      • Anonymous

        Thanks. Do you approach potential sponsors or do they approach you, and do you reject some of them?

      • I use The Syndicate. They (he) sends obtains sponsors for me and a few other sites. See:
        I would only consider a sponsor if they fit with the audience and have a product I can talk about. If I can’t talk about the product and use standard copy then the post is not “in my voice” and readers will ignore or distrust it. It has happened once and I decided not to let it happen again. So far however, I’ve not had to reject any sponsor. This filtering is something The Syndicate does already very well however.

  • I love omnifocus =D

  • OmniFocus, used on all my iDevices, is a daily companion and essential sidekick of mine.  I can’t say enough good things about it.

  • Skibyak

    Just the nudge I needed to complete the trifecta. Love it on my phone and laptop but as the iPad has taken over I’ve been slow to add the final leg. 1 sale for your sponsor.

  • Anonymous

    Just for the record, I have purchased this app on the basis of Horace’s recommendation coupled with the excellent reviews strewn about the Web. I figure sponsors like to hear that their efforts were successful. Thanks Horace.

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