Sponsor: OmniGraffle and Asymco's ancient history

Prior to starting Asymco as a blog, I tried my hand at developing iPhone apps. I had a client, and we did manage to put together an app. I was writing the blog only as a means to provide some material to “fill out” the web site[1]. It turns out I was better at  blogging than at  app development but during that little time when I dipped my toe in the iOS  ecosystem I came across OmniGraffle.

I used an iPhone OS design stencil to do app mock-ups and was impressed at how easy it was. It has smart shapes, a large stencil library and contextual styling elements to guide you from rough outline to pixel perfection.

OmniGraffle is still the easiest and most elegant way to create website wireframes, process flows, organization hierarchies, and, even infographics (if you’re into that sort of thing).

There’s now an iPad version that lets you share the design process with anyone. Even through an Apple TV.

For ages 5 to 105, OmniGraffle is available here.


  1. The very first version of Asymco.com was posted in February 2010 and ran as an iWeb site hosted by Apple’s .Mac service. I even used iWeb as the blog authoring tool.