Sponsor: OmniFocus five step jumpstart

My thanks to the Omni Group for sponsoring the site again this week.

Today we’re highlighting the OmniFocus task management software again. We are hoping you are going to take advantage of the free trial available.

To that end, here’s a quick 5-step jumpstart.

  1. Capture everything. Take 15 minutes to move things out of your head and in to OmniFocus. Anything from long-term goals (earn pilots license) to quick errands (card for mother).
  2. Define next actions. “Earn pilots license” deserves its own project. Move it to your library and decide what to do next.
  3. Organize actions with contexts. “Research area flight schools” might be assigned to a Mac context for googling, “card for mother” to Walgreen’s.
  4. Now do stuff. If you’re at the office, focus on work projects to get stuff done! At home, take care of errands.
  5. Review mode. Take time to consider each active project. Does it need more work?

Find out more about OmniFocus here, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.



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  1. Jzlatic,

    This software sounds a lot like a book I have called ‘Getting things Done’ … I keep meaning to finish reading it…

  2. This tired bent stained post-it has been stuck on the corner of my iMac for over a year, reminding me of what you listed above.  Next to it is my other best friend, Pomodoro Pro.

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