[Updated] Samsung's Android Problem

[Samsung] said it has sold around 4 million Galaxy S smartphones in North America, 2.5 million in Europe, and around 2 million in South Korea in the past seven months.

via Samsung Sells 10 Million Galaxy S Android Smartphones – Digital Lifestyle – Macworld UK.

Samsung’s US Android sales are very similarly allocated to Apple’s iPhone sales: 40%. But at 20%, South Korea represents a very large portion of their sales (2 million phones sold in 7 months into a country of 48 million). This is understandable given Samsung’s distribution power in its home country.¬†However it also implies that Samsung’s [high end] Android sales in Asia excluding South Korea are tiny. Only 1.5 million were allocated to outside Europe, US and South Korea–a market that includes the whole of Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America. Continue reading “[Updated] Samsung's Android Problem”