[Sponsor] Carnegie Mellon University (with a history lesson)

It gives me great pleasure to have Carnegie Mellon University as a sponsor this week. This is because CMU holds a special, historic role in the development of the platform at the center of the disruption of mobile telecommunications.

I am referring to the kernel behind OS X and iOS: Mach.[1]

When I was a researcher at GTE Laboratories, I remember following the progress of this alternative kernel. As a research project it was one of the earliest microkernels and, along with virtual memory management, inter-process communication and control innovations, pioneered what became the basis of highly modular operating systems. Those innovations enabled an architecture which allowed complex systems to scale down to micro computers and eventually to devices.

There is a huge amount of lore around Unix and CMU’s efforts are deeply interweaved into it (as are Berkeley and AT&T). I strongly recommend a stroll down that memory lane. But I’ll keep it short here and say that original developers of Mach at CMU went on to be key executives at both Apple and Microsoft. It was really a spectacular success as far as academic research projects in computer science. A real inspiration.

So with that history, I want to thank Carnegie Mellon University for their sponsorship and I’m glad to see continuing innovation in their degree programs.

Today they are offering a Master of Information Systems Management  degree with a Business Intelligence and Data Analytics concentration (MISM-BIDA). This particular degree program is essentially cross-training in business process analysis and predictive modeling, two methodologies which deeply benefit from one another. Much of what I do for this blog is exactly this:  mapping, analytical reporting, segmentation analysis, and data visualization. I’m glad to see that his has been codified into a degree program.

Students in the MISM-BIDA program learn to integrate information filters and mining tools with applied business methods yielding insights that you see celebrated in the media every day. They do this with world-renowned faculty teaching a cohesive blend of data analytics, management, strategy, and IT courses.

I can only assume that this unique mix makes graduates highly valued by  financial service firms, consulting companies, technology agencies and start-ups.

If you like the results of this web site and would like to learn how it’s done “by the book”, consider the degree programs at Carnegie Mellon Heinz College.

Highly recommended.



  1. Carnegie Mellon also had a role in the development of Siri.
  • Proud CMU alum here.  But, y’know, back in the dark ages when the Macintosh had just been born. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Yup. If it wasn’t for Avadis Tevanian (ex-Apple CTO. VP of software, ex-NeXT VP of software, and Mach researcher at CMU), a lot of things may not have happened for Apple.

    At one point in time, between the juncture of when Gil Amelio was at the tail end of his tenure at Apple and when Jobs took over, Avie was the most important person at Apple. It was his ability to get the Mac OS (not Mach, Mac OS) team to start shipping again, and in a timely matter, that allowed Apple to get back on track.

  • Matt

    Given that you have completed an MBA program at a highly prestigious school, would you recommend the MISM-BIDA over an MBA? Obviously both programs target different students with different goals, but the MBA increasingly seems like an oversold commodity and is scorned by many folks in Silicon Valley.

    • I cannot make a recommendation as broad as that. The decision needs to be made by the individual based on a wide array of circumstances they may be in. What I would say is that the MISM-BIDA program is probably very innovative and a degree that is highly marketable. As any educational experience, it is what you make of it.

    • Anonymous

      As a CMU alum, though in CS and not MISM, I should say that data courses offered outside SCS may not be as rigorous as expected by some in the Valley. On the other hand CS courses will pretty much break anyone’s back.

      Don’t want to come off as a tech snob, so should add that MISM is a good course for those without a CS background.

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