[Sponsor] Scrivener

Scrivener calls itself a “content-generation tool”. That’s an interesting definition for a job to be done. The process of writing is not a linear flow of text composition. It’s often based on research, reference, fact checking, linking (citation), etc. It’s then a lot of re-organizing, re-defining and editing.

Most software is only fired up after much of the hard work is completed.

Scrivener lets you compose and structure long and difficult documents based on material from multiple sources. Adopted by novelists, screenwriters, journalists, lawyers and academics alike, the program allows users to split the editor and view documents, PDF files, multimedia and other research materials next to each other.

A virtual corkboard and outliner help with structuring or providing an overview of the draft. Collate, read and edit related text without affecting its place in the whole using Scrivener’s Collections feature. Close out the world in Full Screen mode. And when you’re finished, export to e-readers or the most popular word processing programs for submission.

If I’d be writing a book, this is what I’d use.

Available for Mac OS X and Windows at Literature and Latte.

  • Anonymous

    In for 1!

  • Unsolicited testimonial. Scrivener is my favorite writing tool. It’s great for longer writing projects, ranging from an article to a book. The longer and more complicated the project, the more powerful and useful Scrivener becomes. It allows one to break one’s thoughts down into discrete segments…and then reassemble them again.
    If you write long or complicated pieces, if your writing includes extensive research, if you sometimes have trouble keeping track of or arranging your thoughts, Scrivener is well worth a look. I believe the trial version is free.

    Not an easy program to learn. But a powerful tool to own.

    • Miha

      I disagree a bit: if you watch video tutorials everything becomes pretty clear pretty fast. And the manual is user friendly.

      All in all, the only software that makes me WANT to write!

      • Ha! And here I thought that I had given Scrivener a glowing review.

        OK, let me revise my review. Not an easy program for ME to learn. But then again, I’m a slow learner!

  • Al Toy

    Huge value for $45USD Mac Version, 1 hour of your time saved is worth $45. Got the recently released Win version, altho not as full featured as the Mac version I’m not complaining for $40.

  • Anonymous

    Oh my, this may be exactly what I’ve been looking for.  Ironic that in all the time I’ve been reading Horace’s blog, a sponsored post is the first time I’ve commented.  Nevertheless, if this turns out as well as I hope, this will be invaluable.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been waiting for an excuse to go ahead and pay for this app. It is indeed very good.

    I find the advantages of the Mac App Store (keeping track of app purchases, updates, single payment method) to drive me in that direction, but I don’t see how Asymco could get “credit” for sponsoring.

    I suppose that a simple message to the app authors, mentioning Asymco’s sponsorship, would do the trick. Even top-shelf shops like OmniGroup are small enough to pay attention to such feedback.

    What do you think?