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Day February 2, 2012


Apple reached the third place rank in total units shipped during last quarter. The following chart shows the ascent in rank.

Apple achieved this with a total market share of about 9%. Second place Samsung has 22.6% so there is significantly more room to go before Apple gets to be second. Nevertheless, the climb to third was achieved in less than five years. At the time when Apple entered the market third place was held by Motorola with shipments of 35.5 million units (Q2 2007). Motorola only managed 10.5 million in the last quarter.

[Sponsor] Déjà Vu

Déjà Vu is visual memory.

The way it works is that you take pictures of things you would like to remember. For example, products you see in a magazine, recipes you read in a cooking book, wine labels in a restaurant, Newspaper articles, DVDs, CDs or event flyers.

Each picture becomes a visual memo. A regular camera app doesn’t distinguish those memos from “regular“ photos. Déjà Vu helps you organize and structure your visual memos in an easy and effective way. It does this through a tailored interface for tagging and categorization and an integration of image recognition technology.


  • Quick shot camera allows rapid picture taking
  • Integrated Image recognition
  • Synchronization with a cloud account
  • Easy search. Find your visual memos by keywords and tags.
  • Location tag. Locate your visual memos on a map.
  • Available on iPhone and Web

Déjà Vu is free for up to 30 visual memos/month. Learn more at Kooaba.